Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm apparently looking for every possible excuse not to be working on the game design proposal I have to do for my Game Design course (it went from watching X-Men First Class to playing way too much Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution, and included some Curb Your Enthusiasm and Facebooking), and so here I am posting a little something out of the blue. This is a Christmas present I made for my aunt back in December. Twin koi fish, her favourites, to embody the Gemini (Gémeaux in French) astrological sign. Someone pointed out to me that the koi fish allude more to the Pisces sign, which looking back on it I think is true. If I end up making a whole series as I intend to, this will probably be recycled as Pisces.

Ok now I really must get working on my game design!! GO.


  1. I really like this. Which is why I am obligated to PICK NITS (because I am legally not allowed to say something nice without complaining immediately after).
    I think it might be better to adjust the curve of that dorsal fin just a little higher so it conforms to the shape of the fish a little more (it seems a teensy bit off-center from the volume of the fish) but mostly just remove the soft shading directly under that same fin (especially on the side that gets closer to the head).

    I really dig the colors. Color is SERIOUS BUSINESS, but you have clearly proven you are a SERIOUS PERSON.

  2. hahaha thanks Yann! You're absolutely right about the dorsal fin. I hadn't noticed but it is definitely a little off center, and the shading doesn't make much sense there either. I should fix that. Thanks for your SERIOUS FEEDBACK.