Friday, March 30, 2012

Pisces is the new Gemini.

Oh hi! 

Yes, I know. Don't tell me. It's a shame. How dare I not post in such a long time, right? School's catching up with my laziness so unfortunately, posting will remain sporadic for a few weeks. But hey, here's something!

Remember that Gemini image I had posted a while back? My friend Yann gave me some advice on fixing the dorsal fin on the kois, and since I had meant to turn this into Pisces rather than Gemini, I went ahead and tweaked it accordingly.

Hope you like the result! It doesn't look super different, but I think the tweaks really improved it. Thanks Yann! (Everyone go check out his awesome blog :

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New comic acquisition + Daily drawings from the weekend

I'm getting worse and worse at finding titles for these posts it seems...

Last night I went out with some friends from my good old days at Concordia University doing traditional animation (you know I'm on my March Break when I say unusual things such as "I went out"), and I got the chance to purchase a copy of Sam's Boumeries Vol. 1. 

Sam a.k.a. Boum graduated with me in 2010, and since then she's been working as a freelancer, on top of publishing this great webcomic HERE :

Boumeries Vol. 1 is a printed collection of a bunch of her comic strips. It looks very neat and makes me want to publish a book, any book. Because books are awesome.

Also, here are some drawings from the weekend. I think I'm stuck drawing Totoros and cute fluffy things for the rest of my existence.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Final color

Here's the final drawing I did of Kid Awesome, to practice a simple cel shading look. It was a lot of fun to color this little guy. Next time I'll have to try something a bit more elaborate.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Oh my, this is embarrassing. I haven't posted in a few days, which could either mean I've been kidnapped by aliens or, and this is much less likely of course, I have been slacking off. Thankfully, the answer lies in a wholly different explanation, which is that I've been very busy with school and playing Robot Unicorn. In any case and for my defense, I have been drawing a little.

I recently enrolled on Digital Tutors and started watching these cool tutorials on cel shading. So for the sake of practice, I'm in the process of colouring my previous Kid Awesome sketch. Here's my progress so far.

Also, TOTOROS!! <3