Sunday, March 4, 2012

New comic acquisition + Daily drawings from the weekend

I'm getting worse and worse at finding titles for these posts it seems...

Last night I went out with some friends from my good old days at Concordia University doing traditional animation (you know I'm on my March Break when I say unusual things such as "I went out"), and I got the chance to purchase a copy of Sam's Boumeries Vol. 1. 

Sam a.k.a. Boum graduated with me in 2010, and since then she's been working as a freelancer, on top of publishing this great webcomic HERE :

Boumeries Vol. 1 is a printed collection of a bunch of her comic strips. It looks very neat and makes me want to publish a book, any book. Because books are awesome.

Also, here are some drawings from the weekend. I think I'm stuck drawing Totoros and cute fluffy things for the rest of my existence.

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