Friday, July 6, 2012

Cultural Crossroads 2011-2012

Hey guys!

I haven't posted a lot lately, as I've been very busy with my new illustration job, as well as a little graphic design contract which should be finished over the weekend. I also started doing Bikram yoga (or hot yoga), which is really filling up my weeks.

Some good news though, my graduation film from Concordia University, Remembering How to Smile, which I made back in 2010, is now available online via RCI Vision's website, as part of their Cultural Crossroads 2011-2012 project. They contacted me many weeks ago to get a copy of my film, and it was just released online today. I'm grateful to Radio-Canada for promoting my film through their online channel, as it's stopped touring festivals a long time ago, and hasn't had a very active life since.

Remembering How to Smile is a short film entirely crafted by hand, using stop-motion. All the characters, sets and props are miniatures, most of it handmade, with a few exceptions that were bought at the dollar store and such. You can view the film by clicking on the link below :

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