Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life of Pi Challenge - Shot 001

A couple of weeks ago a classmate of mine started doing painted studies of the movie The Hobbit. 

You can check out his blog to follow his progress HERE.

I thought that was an awesome source of motivation to practice digital painting, and so I was inspired to do the same. I am a huge fan of the artistic direction in Life of Pi and I decided to challenge myself to painting a frame from every shot in the movie.

Obviously that's a lot of shots, close to a thousand I believe. And the next few months promise to be extremely busy already, with my internship at Raynault, and several freelancing contracts coming up. So I'm not planning on being super regular in how I proceed with this challenge. But whenever possible, I will do one every day, limiting myself to 30-40mins per shot. Essentially this is a way for me to always have something specific to draw whenever I have some free time to fill, so I don't waste time on trying to find inspiration and eventually end up procrastinating. Whether or not I make it through the whole movie isn't really the point.

So to start off this challenge, here's the first shot.

Life of Pi Challenge - SHOT 001

Still from the movie :

Study :

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