Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Illustration Idea

So I did this illustration concept for my character design class, planning on bringing it to a fully rendered version, but I think I might have to put it aside for now and go in a completely different direction.

We were asked to design a creepy, scary "monster", which could be anything on the human/inhuman scale, basically the creepiest thing we could think of. I essentially rebelled against the assignment because I've spent the last 24 years straying as far as I could from horror films and everything the cool kids used to watch on halloween because I am very easily grossed out, and the thought of purposely putting myself in front of something that makes me cringe feels, well, repulsive. So I thought I'd be smart and detour around the assignment guidelines by doing a cartoon monster, something creepy but that I could safely nest into a fictional universe, therefore ensuring my sleep remains nightmare free.

Turns out I was fooled.

The said creepy thing needs to be designed for live-action, which completely throws off my concept. I really like it as is, so I don't want to just use that and push it towards a live-action version. I'd rather set this linework aside for a couple weeks and get back to the sketching board. I'll find the time to color this one at some point.

Now on to look at every nasty horror movie reference out there.


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