Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Environment design - Waterfalls Concept

This week we had to hand in our first assignment for our environment design class given by Benoit Pelchat, head of the matte painting department at Rodeo FX (yeah I know, I've got a pretty sick lineup of teachers this semester :D).

The assignment was to take a picture amongst a selection that was offered to us, pick a spot at ground level, and draw whatever you'd see from your chosen point of view. You can see below the picture I picked and the direction I was looking in.

I then sketched out a few thumbnails on Photoshop to figure out the exact angle I wanted. I ended up picking the middle one, and then developed it further.

A little bit of texturing and some fog later, this is the final result. I'm pretty happy with it, though it kinda feels like a halfpoint between a concept drawing and a matte painting. Since I'm pushing to further my skills as a matte painter, I took the occasion to practice using photographic textures and integrating them to my painting. I overdid it a bit though in this case, as it wasn't really asked of us for this particular assignment. I might go over it and make it more painterly before applying color to it, which is our next assignment. 

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