Saturday, March 9, 2013

Environment Masters - Phuoc Quan

Hey guys!

I'm taking a little break from my homework to bring you the first post of my new Environment Masters series. As some of you know I've recently taken a major interest in the field of Matte Painting and environment concept art. I've always had a soft spot for environment design, wether it was designing, building and lighting miniature sets for stop motion, or coming up with moody charcoal backdrops in my old traditional animation days.

Seeing as I've recently discovered Matte Painting as a potential career, I've been doing a lot of research on environment artists for the past few weeks, and have found a great many amazing and inspiring ones out there. They were so inspiring in fact, that I decided to share them with you. So every week (perhaps more often if I keep stumbling upon fantastic new stuff all the time), I'll be showcasing a new Matte Painter and/or Concept Artist. Some of them will surely be known to most of you, but hopefully you'll make some new discoveries as well.

So without further delay, here's the first Master in our series : Phuoc Quan.

Phuoc is a vietnamese concept artist living in Singapore. He does beautiful painterly environment concepts, but is also an amazing character designer. He graduated from the FZD School of Design in Singapore and has since been working in the gaming and film industries as an illustrator and concept artist.

You can check out more of Phuoc's work on his blog or his deviantArt account below :

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